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Last week [23 Nov 2004|11:03am]

[ mood | blah ]

So I'm a little bit foolish. Well I'm a lot bit foolish, I've written about 6k words only, as ive had exams (actually they havent finished yet) but the thing is that 3 k is the beginning of one story, and 3k is another version of that same story with slightly varied narration

I'm really a bit of a dork.

While studying for Chem I came across an outline for a story that I wrote up in my lecture notes during one particularly boring Chemistry lecture. And I thought. hey. I can write about that.

I now have 9k. but not all from the same story.

*pain pain*

For the sake of this nano, I think i will keep with the one that I started initially, the one that i have art for, and keep with that.

Its called Smoke. and its a science fiction fantansy, steam punkish tale. full of everything. EVERYTHING. I even set it in the 80's so that I could dress my characters in whatever I want.


Good luck everyone with the last few days of NANOWRIMO.
I know I'll need it!

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[08 Nov 2004|08:14pm]

[ mood | interested ]

Ever had a character just wander into a story without ever being thought of before, or mentioned in the plot outline?
I just got one. He saved my scene from the depths of utter boring-ness. Hooray. I don't know what else to do with him, but, hey, at least he's there if I need him.

Someone started an excerpt topic a ways back, but I don't think it ever got off the ground. So post an excerpt (it's crappy? who cares? :D ) here, now. Like, NOW. Just pick anything. I want to hear what everyone else's are like. :)

“What’s he doing?”
“He’s trying to turn base metals into gold.”
“Why doesn’t he just use magic?”
“Transmutation’s a rather tricky feat. Takes years to learn.”
“Seems to me he’s spending years trying to find out which things to mix, anyways. And with magic, he’d run less risk of blowing himself up.”
“I daresay he’s never thought of it like that.”
“Besides, kid,” added Chente, “if everyone could make gold from lead, what would the point of doing it be?”

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[08 Nov 2004|04:53pm]

Let it be known that I am a Lord of the Rings fan. Most likely in need of counseling. That being said, why did Lord of the Rings: The Third Age have to come out this month? And why did it have to be such an engrossing RPG? Why couldn't it have been another hack and slash with the original characters following the exact same plot that I've seen over and over and over until my family threatened to take away the DVD player? Suffice to say I've been playing it whenever I can for the past two or three days. Time which really, really should be spent writing.

I'm also oh... 4,000 words behind? I have no desire to write the novel I already have six chapters for, no. Now I want to start over entirely until Tolkien comes out my ears.

My only solace is seeing people who have even less words than me, which is really horrible, but it helps keep the spirits up. What doesn't help are people with 30,000 words already. We're not all super-human writing machines, dammit. No offense if any of you have that much; just know I'll be glaring at you silently while I attempt to defeat trolls made of polygons.

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[02 Nov 2004|09:03pm]


Oh man, I didn't write A SINGLE WORD TODAY.

That's horrible, since it's only day two. I mean. I have plenty of time to catch up, but I hate the way my story is right now so starting/working extra on it doesn't sound appealing in the least. Maybe I should start over, or just skip to another part. Ugh.

Anyway, I have been busy/obsessed with voting and watching the election results all day, and then I developed a migraine (hooray!) so I shied away from writing anything.

Tomorrow, I will write my ass off. I'll probably start a different scene. It's probably my only chance of survival since I do not have anymore inspiration for what I have now.

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[02 Nov 2004|05:48pm]

So, people keep asking me what my story is about, and I don't know what to tell them, even though I know exactly what it is about. I have decided, now, that when people ask me what it's about, I shall mutter something about death and hope they lose intrest. I really have no idea what to say to that question, as simple as it sounds.
But someone asked me again, this time on the Internet, and I threw my hands into the air and said 'fine!'
So here we are, copied and pasted from the original forum, because I am a lazy sod.
Umm... it's a fantasy story. Not the elves-and-dwarves kind, and not what I call my 'usual kind', which is just odd. More like... umm... Wars of the Roses. Except with magic. And better guns. I don't know.
It involves a sorceress running away from home, a corrupt and stupid Council, power-hungry nobility on both sides, superstitious Southerners and my dislike of organized religion, deserts, birds, and spirit, soul, and body. A girl who cuts herself, people who aren't really people, trees that aren't really trees, drug withdrawals, demons, infernal princes, a wolf who isn't, and revenge. Lots of revenge. And how nothing is evil at the same time as everything is, and the destruction of illusions and the single-minded pigheaded-ness of people in positions of power.
Something like that, anyway.
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[01 Nov 2004|09:29pm]

[ mood | perplexed ]

Weird question, but:
How do you describe throwing up without sounding colloquial, crude, or evasive?

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POST YOUR FIRST PARAGRAPH [01 Nov 2004|12:37pm]



"Here is the family, the mother--not the boy’s mother and not the father’s wife--the father, and his boy, at their dinning table. They are still, collapsed forward in the cold mist that had overtaken the room once the unattended fire had gone out. Here is the family, and they are dead.

No, one searcher realizes, they are merely sleeping."

Sorry. XD I am having far too much fun. I have 1,039 words so far, one hour into writing. WHOO.

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Er, hi? [30 Oct 2004|04:43pm]

*waves all dorky like* Hi, I'm BRose on devArt and pretty much everywhere else. Though my nomme de plum is E.S. Drabbit (the Mad Doctor, I might add). I hate introduction posts. I'm very bad at them.

So instead of talking about me I'll talk about my NaNo novel, which, compared to some other plots I've read about here and on the NaNoWriMo lj, sounds really, really boring.

Title: The Children of Three Cedars (I'm 95% certain that's my title)
Genre: Historical fiction. Which is bizarre because I very rarely read, let alone write, HF.
Word count: Zero. I've been tempted to start writing, but I fear the NaNo Nazi Group-to-Make-Sure-You're-Not-Cheating will come and reprimand me.
Page count: See above.

Plot: There is no real plot. It's about seven children, ranging in age from five/six to sixteen, in pre-WWI New England. Or at least I think it's going to be New England. My only problem is that the US didn't enter the war until 1917, a year before it (the war) was over, and I really want to kill off one of my characters in the war (I never kill characters. I'm trying to break my habit).

Therefore I'm considering moving the novel to Canada or England, I'm not quite sure. Basically there is no plot, just seven kids growing up together, pre-WWI, and how things change and all. I guess it's like one of those 'Coming of age in War Time' type things.

Characters: "Main Character" is Jenny Spinner, a 16 y/o hired girl who takes care of the Parker twins (may be twins, may not) Annalise and Margaret, age 10. They (the twins) are friends with the Spencer children, Simon, age 14, Milton, 11, Rose, 10, and Gertrude or "Gertie", 6. Or five, I haven't decided.

That's about it, really. I really should start working out my kinks here and there, decide on ages and location. Location's kind of important, isn't it? *sweatdrop*
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[30 Oct 2004|01:33am]

Okay, since I'm up late anyway, I may as well share my plot. Well, 'plot' is a very loose term being flung about here; it's more of a setting, but really, plot is in the eye of the beholder. Sort of thing.

Working Title: Tea and Country
Genre: Fantasy (more like an odd... fairytale-like feel)
Word count: nichts
Page count: nichts

To start off, my story probably takes place somewhere from 1800-1900; you never know with me. Could end up being in 1750. Just know that it's historical! <3

The basic premise revolves around my (as of yet) unnamed main character, who goes to stay with her aunt and uncle for a year in the countryside. She must have been sent there by her parents, who found her much too tiresome and figured that her aunt and uncle wouldn't mind her wandering about their estate. The aunt and uncle are really awesome; pretty much the ideal relatives. They're eccentric and a bit off their rockers, but far more enjoyable than the nameless main character's parents. They named their overgrown country estate Prince Fairfax, because they thought it sounded dignified (crackpots).

Anyhow, nameless girl spends her time wandering about, poking into things and generally falling in love with the country. There's a creepy old wood nearby, a meadow, a farm, a bubbling brook, and all manner of things to attract a bored young woman stuck at her crazy relatives' house. Prince Fairfax happens to be situated quite near a busy thoroughfare, so very odd travelers are often stopping in at all hours of the night for food and a place to sleep, or for shelter when the weather's bad. These travelers are typical of storybook travelers in that they always have some advice or wisdom to share. It's great.

So overall, my story has no plot. The main character does things in the country and drinks hideous amounts of tea. But I figured this wouldn't be too hard to write, because it's always the plot that bogs me down when I'm writing; maybe if I don't have a plot, I'll be able to write more! You never know.

Now I must come up with names. By Monday. Crap.
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NaNo Plot [30 Oct 2004|02:12am]

[ mood | content ]

Ok! I will be the first to share this year's NaNo plot.

First, let me give a bit of background info:

This is actually a story I've been working on for almost three years now. In other words, it's very well thought out, since I've had so much time to work on it. I have the entire story plotted out from nearly beginning to end, though I'm still not sure exactly WHERE to begin the thing. Which day, which event, where? Why? Etc.

Anyway. Now for status.

[Working] Title: Eternal Calls the Wind
Genre: Fantasy
Word count: As of now, zero
Page count: Same

Rhysawit Makye was raised motherless and very poor, and without much hope for a bright future, if any. He is frustrated with his difficult life, one in which the coming of every tomorrow is questionable. In desperation, he flees his small world of a shrouded, personal village into a vast new world full of strange cities, beings, and cultures. Having been an odd-duck bookworm type in his hometown, Rhys takes up studying these new cultures and eventually becomes a bard. Along the way, he meets an eccentric half-elf named Josc who both intimidates and fascinates Rhys. They befriend one another and travel together, but durng their time together, Rhys discovers that Josc has many secrets, some centuries old, others as fresh as yesterday.

Josc's secrets pursue him in the form of mercenaries, strange creatures who stalk at the edge of shadow, and other surprises. Rhys becomes caught up in this world, and after discovering there is a political/cultural turmoil between Josc and the elven culture due to his impure blood, he vows to help his strange friend to seek peace in his life, as the continent lies on the edge of war. Though numorous diplomatic attempts are made, war eventually happens, and the war symbolically represents many different struggles for different characters and cultures. Both characters are overtaken by this war, though each has his own way of reacting to it--Josc, with an embittered violence and war-mongering, and Rhys with a pacific, scholarly approach.

YES, so that is my plot, and there is actually a lot more to it, but this is my first attempt at really trying to sit down and sum it up in a couple of paragraphs. While the main theme involves political issues, I have smaller themes of love, finding happiness, struggling with prejudice in several forms, and above all, overcoming what "the chains that bind us," so to speak.

Anyone else care to share a plot idea or two? :D

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liek [29 Oct 2004|11:02pm]

If you're doing NaNo, be an awesome dude and post snippets of your story here for us to read. It'll be cool. DO IT
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Introduction? XD [28 Oct 2004|07:42pm]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

Hi! (Uh, heh, I'm horrible with introductions.) I am known as Summourn in many art communities; particularly at Deviant Art.com

This livejournal community was originally made as a place for a group of my friends from both Deviant Art and Livejournal to congregate and discuss and share their ideas/stories that they will be working on this November in the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) competitions. Since there isn't really any other good place to set up a small, personal writing community like this one, I have created this little space on the internet for such purposes.

However, I hope that this community can become something more. Perhaps even after NaNoWriMo is over, this space can still be used for writing discussion, or art advertisement or critique, or even just a general community for this group of individuals to remain in contact with one another.

I invite anyone who wants to join to come in, this isn't restricted to certain members. Membership is open and free for any who wish to partake in what goes on here. Please, stop by and say hello, or share a plot summary, or some art from your stories, even. Everything is appreciated.

So anyway, now that I've sounded like some kind of infomercial, um, welcome to the Devnano Community. :D

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